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Zinc Plated / Double Ball Bearing Raceway (Hardened) / Heavy Gauge Cold Rolled Steel

Plate: Standard Small

Size: 2-3/8 X 3-5/8    Bolt Pattern: 1-3/4 X 2-7/8 TO 3   Bolt Diameter: 5/16


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CM21 Series Caster Swivel

Wheel SizeDescriptionCapacityOverall HeightBearingPart# Swivel1-4 Each5-11 Each12 - UP
3 X 1-1/4POLYOLEFIN250"4-3/16""PLAIN CM3PS$6.50$6.04$5.80
3 X 1-1/4DURATEK RUBBER300"4-3/16""ANNULARCM3DS$9.05$8.42$7.96
3.5 X 1-1/4POLYOLEFIN3004-5/8"PLAIN CM3.5PS$6.85$6.37$5.60
3.5 X 1-1/4DURATEK RUBBER3004-5/8"ANNULARCM3.5DS$9.80$9.11$8.62
4 X 1-1/4POLYOLEFIN300"5-1/8""PLAIN CM4PS$7.00$6.51$6.16
4 X 1-1/4DURATEK RUBBER325"5-1/8""ANNULARCM4DS$10.05$9.35$8.85
5 X1-1/4POLYOLEFIN400"6-1/4""PLAIN CM5PS$7.70$7.16$6.78
5 X1-1/4DURATEK RUBBER350"6-1/4""ANNULARCM5DS$12.00$11.16$10.56

CM21 Series Caster Rigid

Wheel SizeDescriptionPart# Rigid1-4 Each5-11 Each12-UP
3 X 1-1/4POLYOLEFINCM3PR$4.50$4.18$3.96
3 X 1-1/4DURATEK RUBBERCM3DR$7.30$6.79$6.42
3.5 X 1-1/4POLYOLEFINCM3.5PR$5.90$5.48$5.19
3.5 X 1-1/4DURATEK RUBBERCM3.5DR$7.90$7.35$6.95
4 X 1-1/4POLYOLEFINCM4PR$5.00$4.65$4.40
4 X 1-1/4DURATEK RUBBERCM4DR$8.25$7.67$7.26
5 X 1-1/4POLYOLEFINCM5PR$5.60$5.20$4.93
5 X 1-1/4DURATEK RUBBERCM5DR$10.00$9.30$8.80


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