Double Ball Bearing Raceway / Zinc Plated / 5/8″ Nut and Bolt King Pin / 1/4″ Cold Forged Steel Top Plate & Yoke/ 1/2″ Diameter Axel Bolt W/Lock Nut / Grease Fitting Inswivel Raceway




Plate:             Size: 4 X 4-1/2           Bolt Pattern: 2-5/8 X 3-5/8 TO 3 X 3           Bolt Diameter: 3/8

Applications:  Platform Truck / Food Service / Industrial, Commercial, Medium, Heavy Duty Equipment

CM34 Series Swivel Casters


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Wheel SizeDescriptionCapacityOverall HeightBearingPart# Swivel1-4 Each5-12 Each12 - UP
4 X 2DURATOUGH PU/POLYOLEFIN700 LBS5-5/8"RollerCM42PS$15.30$14.22$12.25
4 X 2DURATEK400 LBS5-5/8"RollerCM42DS$16.99$15.80$13.60
5 X 2DURATOUGH PU/POLYOLEFIN750 LBS6-1/2"RollerCM52PS$16.38$15.23$13.10
5 X 2DURATEK400 LBS6-1/2"RollerCM52DS$19.12$17.80$15.30
6 X 2DURATOUGH PU/POLYOLEFIN900 LBS7-1/2"RollerCM62PS$17.95$16.70$14.36
6 X 2DURATEK600 LBS7-1/2"RollerCM62DS$21.20$19.72$16.96
8 X 2DURATOUGH PU/POLYOLEFIN1000 LBS9-1/2"RollerCM82PS$21.62$20.11$17.30
8 X 2DURATEK675 LBS9-1/2"RollerCM82DS$24.95$23.20$20.05

CM34 Series Casters Rigid

Wheel SizeDescriptionPart# Rigid1-4 Each5-11 Each12-UP
4 X 2DURATOUGH PU/POLYOLEFINCM42PR$12.66$11.77$10.20
4 X 2DURATEKCM42DR$14.40$13.39$11.52
5 X 2DURATOUGH PU/POLYOLEFINCM52PR$14.22$13.25$11.38
5 X 2DURATEKCM52DR$18.20$16.93$14.56
6 X 2DURATOUGH PU/POLYOLEFINCM62PR$16.20$15.10$13.00
6 X 2DURATEKCM62DR$18.50$17.21$14.80
8 X 2DURATOUGH PU/POLYOLEFINCM82PR$19.50$18.14$15.60
8 X 2DURATEKCM82DR$22.10$20.55$17.70


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