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Replacement casters for U boats


Caster Masters’ U Boat replacement casters and wheels are simple to change. The wheels on the outside of  the U boat come with 4″  swivel casters.  In the middle of the U Boat are two 8″ big Wheels. Purchase the entire set of U Boat Replacement Casters and save or you may order individually.


*U Boat Replacement Casters and Wheels Set includes :

  • 2- 8″ center wheels with aluminum core
  • 4- 4″ top plate swivel casters

*Individual Order for Replacement Casters for U Boats click picture below. To order set, scroll to the bottom of page.




Center Wheels : 8″

U Boat wheels






Outside U Boat replacement casters : 3 1/8 x 4 1/8 plate size /4″ wheels

U Boat replacement casters








*Does Not include Freight! When Ordering you will not be charged. You will receive a free quote of items ordered plus tax and freight to your location!

Prices FOB: California, Hawaii, Washington, Texas, or Ohio Warehouse.

Order U Boat Replacement Casters U Boat Set @ $92.00
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