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CasterMaster Aluminum Stocking Cart

Item# CM-53X20-6WC

Caster Masters Aluminum Stocking Carts are made with highest quality Aluminum, Superior Welds, and a Removable handle.

This Aluminum Stock Cart is perfect for any wet environment.  Driver’s say this aluminum cart is a real “back saver” compare

to it’s steel stocking cart competitors. These Aluminum Stock Carts are available in both 53′ and 41″ Lengths.

To order the 41″ aluminum Stocking cart click this link !

Caster Master’s Aluminum Carts Features:

Standard With 5” X 1-1/4” Swivel Casters on Ends

8” X 1-5/8” Aluminum Core – Rubber Mold on Middle Wheels With ¾” Axle

Dim’s: 53″x20″

Capacity – 800 Lbs

Weight – <40 Lbs

$525.00 each

*Does not include freight. To receive a free quote with total price including freight, please click below.

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