Replacement Casters


Caster Master carries replacement casters and wheels for all industrial applications. You can order top plate casters through the website. However, if you are searching for casters such as threaded stem casters, grip ring casters, square stem casters, etc. please feel free to contact us and our caster consultants anytime to help assist you at our toll free number, or through the email on the contact us page! Let us do the searching for you and save you valuable time and money!



CM21 Series Casters :

3X1 1/4 Through  5X 1 1/4 Rigid and Swivel Casters

Replacement Plate Casters




CM34 Series Casters :

4X2 Through 8X2- Rigid and Swivel Casters

Swivel/ Rigid Plate Caster, replacement casters




Grip Ring Casters

Grip Ring Caster, replacement casters





Colson Ecoforma, replacement casters



Stocking Carts Replacement Casters and Wheels

Stocking Carts, Replacement Wheels for stocking carts, 8 X 1 5/8 inch rubber wheel with alluminum core, Utility Cart wheels




Balloon Wheel for Hand Truck

Balloon Tread, replacement wheels






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